Book: Managing Workforce Potential

At the fourth PEPTalk (September 21, 2017), WCC presented the book Managing Workforce Potential: A 20/20 Vision on the Future of Employment Services

A desk with a laptop, pen, and cup of coffee, with the book Managing Workforce Potential in the center

In this book, different stakeholders from international organizations in the private and public sector discuss which role public employment services and workforce development agencies ought to play in the labor market today and in the future, why cooperation is crucial, and what kind of support digital services and software can provide for a more effective and efficient delivery.

The new world of work is characterized by globalized employment, a mobile yet vulnerable workforce, and the challenges of demography and rising income inequality. Technological changes in both the demand for and supply of skills have a cross-cutting influence on how labor markets develop.

As a world leader in Public Employment software solutions, WCC believes in sharing knowledge. Combining what we know and sharing this with the world leads to maximum value across the board. This is why WCC takes initiatives to both exchange and expand expertise, such as the PEPTalk webinar series, where PES share their knowledge about best practices and their vision on the labor market.

With this book, WCC seeks to contribute to an all-round clearer vision on the developments in public employment, and inspire decision-makers in and around the labor market to reflect on governance, services, and partnerships to better cater to the new world of work.

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