PEPTalk 4: Using Big Data to Improve PES Services

PEPTalk 4 takes place on Thursday, September 21 at 11:00 AM CEST.

This live webinar is about Big Data. We will cover the steps to take for organizing data collection, making data valuable, and improving your services using the data collected.

In this PEPTalk we also present Managing Workforce Potential: a 20/20 Vision on the Future of Employment Services, a book with contributions from many leading experts in the field. All webinar viewers will receive a copy.

How to use big data for improving your services

Our guest speaker is Dr. Willem Pieterson, one of the contributors to the book. An expert on multi-channel communication in Public Employment worldwide, he will guide us through the topic Big Data and how to use it to improve your services. We will cover questions like “Do you have a clear picture of all the data that you could use?” or “What data can and can’t you use?”

More hands-on questions include “How can we use specific data to improve certain services?” We will present examples, but we are also very interested in hearing from you how you make Big Data work for you. As usual, the PEPTalk is interactive: you can ask questions for the experts to answer.


If there is enough interest, WCC will facilitate a follow-up workshop by experts, where you can learn in-depth how to make a plan for and how to use Big Data to improve your PES services.

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