Big Data and Labor Market Insight

Better Labor Market Knowledge with Web Job Data

We know quite a bit about the different types of jobseekers and their skills. But it is much harder to get hard facts about the demand side of the labor market.

What are the hottest skills employers look for?

image of a woman looking at a monitor that shows an old-fashioned print job vacancy highlighted in yellow marker

Public Employment Services that know the answer to this question gain a real edge in tackling the mismatch between supply and demand.

And luckily, there is a treasure trove of information freely available: online vacancy data. For the majority of jobseekers worldwide, the Internet is the number 1 resource for finding work.

Real-time analysis of online vacancies yields up-to-date, fine-grained information about labor market trends and demands. Of course, this process is far from straightforward, involving statisticians, economists, and computer scientists cooperating closely with domain experts.

Read more about the ways to leverage web job vacancies as a resource for better labor market knowledge in this free chapter of Managing Workforce Potential by Silvia Dusi:

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