The Evolving Role of IT in Labor Market Management

Information Technology is a vital and fundamental part of providing public employment services. From simple operational support to advanced strategic purposes, its role is ever-evolving.

The technology for finding a person a job quickly has been available for years. Type in a keyword and some kind of answer will appear. But what is this answer based on? Does it factor in the labor market, labor market programs, knowledge about target groups, occupations, jobs, candidates, location? Is it relevant? Is it useful?

Does it get you a job that is actually suitable and sustainable?

Keyword search can work when people know what they are looking for and what the options are. But these are not the people who come to a PES for support. The people who do? They usually have far more complex circumstances. They need the high-level support of a smart, experienced, and well-informed counselor. And to provide that support efficiently and effectively, counselors need more advanced search technologies.

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