PEPTalk 6: PES-influenced job advice

One size does not fit all

Imagine an 18-year-old and a 55-year-old with the same skills.

A job matching algorithm might offer them the same job. But we all know that they should each get different advice. Advice that takes into account their differences as well as their similarities.

There is a way to provide fitting advice without having to hand-tailor it for every single jobseeker. WCC calls this Perspectives. Here’s how it works:

Target Groups for tailored advice

During enrollment, the system registers data such as age, gender, location, education, and experience level. Based on this knowledge, each jobseeker is assigned to a well-defined target group. The advice people in this target group receive is based on a sophisticated AI-driven labor market knowledge base.

Now here’s the most interesting part: Public Employment Services can influence this advice. For example, because they want to align the advice for a specific target group with an ALMP, or because the jobseeker is in a geographic area that needs a different approach than the average.

In the 45-minute PEPTalk webinar on June 25, WCC’s Marcel Bakker will discuss PES-influenced AI-driven job advice in more detail and explain how to implement this approach. He will be joined by Ria Deketele from the Belgian PES VDAB, who will discuss the matter from the PES point of view: what is VDAB already doing in this area, and what are their plans?

To view this webinar: