PEPTalk 8: How advanced technology improved job matching at VDAB

The PEPTalk of June 2018 focused on Profiling, which allows us to divide people into target groups based on predetermined rules and to subsequently provide these groups with more targeted matches, guided by an AI-driven knowledge model. In the upcoming PEPTalk of March 26, you will learn how VDAB, in close cooperation with WCC, has put advanced AI techniques to use in their daily practice, with the aim of taking their job matching to a higher level.

Using AI techniques in order to improve job matching is not simply a matter of using an off-the-shelf algorithm and then expecting miracles – VDAB uses highly targeted AI techniques for very specific purposes, in a process in which there is also close collaboration with domain experts. Ria Deketele will present how VDAB is now using data analysis and machine learning to determine relevant target groups of jobseekers that require more tailored matching strategies. You will learn how by means of a qualitative tuning process, specific rules and matching criteria have been applied in order to improve these jobseekers’ chances in the job market. You will also learn how the effects of this tuning can be quantitatively evaluated by means of data analysis. Finally, you will learn how talent expectations and company culture information can potentially enrich the match process even further.

Below you can watch on-demand our PEPTalk on ‘How advanced technology improved job matching at VDAB’. 

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