PEPTalk 9: Competences, Occupations – can they work together?

On November 14 we presented another PEPTalk. This time the guest speakers were Karin Hackensöllner-Ali & Bettina Huber from the Austrian PES (AMS). They showed the importance of working with competences in addition to occupations when trying to find a jobseeker a suitable job.

Finding jobseekers suitable jobs based solely on previous occupations can be rather difficult. But when mapping jobseekers’ competences to their past occupations, the matching system can cast the net wider, look for occupations that fit a similar set of competences, and turn up potential jobs that would not have been found otherwise.

From WCC’s side Ludger Weller, who cooperates closely with AMS on matching matters, highlights the benefits of leveraging this knowledge in other parts of a comprehensive matching system as well.

To watch the webinar on-demand please click below:

When we started with the PEPtalks we had an audience of 20 to 30 live viewers. We are delighted to see that this last PEPTalk had 146 live viewers from as far as Malaysia. Another 122 signed up to view the webinar later. As it is an interactive webinar, we also invite the viewers to ask questions that get answered during the webinar. But with so many viewers there were more questions than we could answer during the webinar. Of course, such a complicated subject can’t fully be discussed in only 45 minutes. That is why we are glad that AMS has agreed to host a one-day workshop on the subject in their offices in Vienna early next year. Already 42 people have shown their interest in attending that workshop.

We are happy that our initiative is gaining recognition by a growing group of people from Public Employment Services all over the world. And we invite people from a PES to be our guest speaker in one of the next PEPTalks so that this exchange of knowledge will benefit all PESses and make them more effective in finding jobseekers a sustainable job and improve the wellbeing of the population at large.