Welcome to the PES Exchange Platform website. This site is a WCC initiative to facilitate and encourage the exchange of knowledge between organizations in public employment and workforce development around the world.

As a world leader in Public Employment software solutions, WCC believes in sharing knowledge. Combining what we know and sharing this with the world leads to maximum value across the board. This is why we take initiatives to both exchange and expand expertise.

For example, we started the PEPTalk webinar series about current issues in Public Employment. In these webinars, stakeholders and experts in the field share their knowledge, vision, and hands-on best practices.

We also published the book Managing Workforce Potential – A 20/20 Vision on the Future of Employment Services. This contains the contributions of ten international experts from private and public organizations. They discuss which role public employment services and workforce development agencies ought to play in the labor market today and in the future, why cooperation is crucial, and what kind of support digital services and software can provide for a more effective and efficient delivery. 

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the book, please click here.